Slickline Services

Mechanical Intervention

Alpha provides tools and services to deploy many mechanical services like plugs, packers and other mechanical devices using Slickline, Electric line or Coiled Tubing.

Utilizing Alpha Advanced Slickline Technologies we produce depth measurements so accurate you can now use Slickline for many services traditionally reserved for electric line operations, substantially lowering your total cost.

OMEGA Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP)

Alpha has a nonexplosive thru-tubing nippless retrievable bridge plug solution used in rig and rigless operations. These plugs can be deployed without the need to have profiles in the tubing.


Well Bore Isolation
Pressure Testing of completion tubing strings
Christmas Tree Change out / repair
Packer Setting
Completion Operations


The Nippless plug features bi-directional slips which anchor the plug to the casing/tubing/liner’s ID prior to pack-off of the triple stack elastomeric element to form the pressure seal, making it ideal for cross flow applications.

The large ‘through bore’ design ensures full equalization occurs prior to retrieval. This also means that secondary devices can be installed onto the lower section of the RBP such as ambient valves, downhole gauges, etc

Deployed, equalized and retrieved using conventional slickline well intervention tool string

Advanced Slickline Services

As more challenging and complex wells are explored, conveyance flexibility is needed for downhole perforating tools. Alpha provides a safe, precise, and adaptable firing system that can initiate a gun system, perforating, cutting, back-off and setting services using advanced slickline systems.

Providing maximum reliability, Alpha uses advanced explosive device used to initiate perforating guns with significantly improved safety characteristics over conventional resistorized devices. With RF safe characteristics this allows well site activities to continue uninterrupted while perforating.

Omega Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST)- The Alpha HST offers a nonexplosive, cost-effective solution to set retrievable and permanent bridge plugs at any required depth

Memory Production Logging

Production Logging with Electric Line Accuracy, Slickline Economy
Alpha Memory Production Logging (MPL) service overcomes challenges at the wellsite by employing downhole memory to record accurate flow profiles and diagnostics – then playing back its captured data after tools are retrieved from the well. Rigged with slickline, the MPL service minimizes risk in environments challenged by CO2, H2S, or high pressures. The tool can also be deployed on coiled tubing for highly deviated or horizontal wells.

Because the MPL service can use existing slickline equipment, operators avoid the expense of mobilizing a specialized logging unit. And by using Alpha’s advanced slickline depth measurement system (AMS), operators can lower the risk of misruns that can waste valuable rig time for little or no gain.