Production Enhancement Services

Coiled Tubing

Our coil tubing equipment were manufactured by NOV and Premier. These are the global industry leaders.

Well intervention services including matrix and fracture stimulation, wellbore cleanout, logging, perforating, nitrogen kickoff, sand control, drilling, cementing, well circulation, and mechanical isolation. Innovative intervention services conveyed on coiled tubing (CT) are designed to improve your well and reservoir performance.

Our Coiled Tubing services provide customers with reliable, efficient well intervention for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells.

With our highly experienced personnel and engineering capabilities, we can customize the service for job-specific requirements. Our highly trained and experienced engineers analyze well characteristics and use advanced predictive modeling to determine the most effective solution to maximize efficiency and productivity. We also offer complete data acquisition to provide our clients with a comprehensive record of critical job parameters.


Hydraulic fracturing and matrix stimulation treatments to restore or enhance well productivity are performed in all types of formations and reservoir environments. You can maximize production by creating highly conductive reservoir flow paths, but selecting the appropriate treatment for each environment is critical to well economics.