Open Hole Services

Alpha has comprehensive capabilities in the open-hole logging segment that provide definitive data concerning formation resistivity, porosity, fluid type, water saturation; these enable enhanced and accurate lithology and stratigraphic determinations.

Tools & Services

The more you understand your reservoir, the better positioned you are to manage its lifetime performance. Alpha wireline services in alliance with our technical partners offers full range of wireline openhole logging services, delivering formation evaluation that accurately characterizes your reservoir rocks and fluids.

Improved decision-making needs both processes and people. To reduce the time spent evaluating pay zones and increase productive drilling rates, we bring tools with unmatched levels of performance and reliability. They’re proven technologies with high data rates and exceptional telemetry – the modern standard for open hole logging.

Acoustic Wireline Tools

Compressional and shear formation velocity measurements are used to derive the petrophysical properties of porosity, permeability, and rock mechanical properties.

Borehole Imaging

Microresistivity formation images and borehole imaging services for both water-base and nonconductive muds.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

NMR delivers valuable answers for reservoir permeability, radial profiling of fluid volumes, fluid saturations, and direct hydrocarbon characterization.


Accurate measurement of the fundamental petrophysical properties of porosity, permeability, and lithology is the foundation of reservoir evaluation.

Resistivity Measurements

The determination of Rt, the true formation resistivity, by using either laterlog or induction techniques with varying degrees of complexity.